• Low Cost
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Price Includes Print


  • 1.2m / 1.5m Size Options
  • No Additional Shipping Costs
  • Bigger Advertisements
  • 2 Feet For Added Stability


  • A Fantastic System
  • Brilliant Build Quality
  • Top Seller
  • Ready To Dispatch Today


  • Low Cost
  • Wind And Rain Resistant
  • Large Weighted Base
  • Inter-Changeable Graphics


Barracuda - Indoor

• Available with Stoplight or PVC banner materials

• Two turnaround times available

• Probably one of the best systems available

• Competitively priced

• Printed with UV Inks for improved life expectancy

• The real Barracuda - high quality components

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Blizzard - Outdoor

• Low cost and easy to set-up outdoors

• Weather resistant 510gsm PVC banner media

• Printed with long life UV inks (has positive resistance to weathering)

• Suitable for all types of promotion outdoor

• System base can be weighted with sand or water to improved stability


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Our display stands are printed by an Anapurna large format UV printer onto premium stoplight ad media (premium option)... this produces the best and most vibrant print finish imaginable!

At we print and supply indoor display stands for B2B and B2C promotion. We have over 20 years of experience and have sold 3,500+ display stands to brands promoting within the UK and Overseas. Our service is 100% tailored to the requirements of our customers: the customer can select their advertisement material, delivery speed and display stand type.

We harness the best print technology, we employ highly skilled technicians and print onto premium media to deliver fantastic display stands. Working with us is easy! To get started please get in touch and request one of our free print samples to audit the quality of our banner printing service or visit the approved ultima pop up banners print centre.

Your Very Own Introduction To Display Stands

Display stands are utilised everyday by sales & marketing agents to present and promote products or services to target audiences all around the World. You may know of this type of advertising system by one of the following names: roller banners, exhibition stands or pull up banners.

The modern display stand was invented within the past 15 years. It’s a simple device that empowers promoters to erect lightweight, large signage at events and conferences without the hassle of requiring tools or special training to setup. No other signage type looks or performs like display stands. The product construction is lightweight and simple and the ad media is reasonably low cost. These three factors make the display stand the perfect, portable, low cost, indoor advertising tool.

OK, Why Are Display Stands Such An Imperative Tool For Promotion At Events? Surely There Are Alternatives?

No other form of signage offers anywhere near the benefits of display stands. Compared to alternative types of advertising signage these systems stand out because of their unique characteristics:

• Small Size – bigger signage is available, but it costs £100s of more
• Lightweight – display stands are lighter than a-boards, hard displays and exhibition stands
• Portable – the small scale, lightweight and collapsible qualities make this form of signage the easiest type to carry
• Low cost – you can pick up a display stand from £49.00 excluding VAT whereas bigger pop up displays can cost around £799 excluding VAT (a massive price difference)
• No Peripheral Costs – permanent installations have labour setup costs, display stands have no labour setup costs because they can be activated immediately by anyone
• Minimum Planning Required – simply show up at your event and activate your display in under 30 seconds
• Minimised Components – display stands only have 2 parts (base + banner and pole) which reduces the likelihood of system failure before events

Are There Any Downsides Of Using Display Stands?

Not really.

It’s actually quite common for display stands to run in parallel with 3 or 4 other displays to build larger and more comprehensive branded environments.

On larger advertising podium spaces, organisers sometimes include other systems to utilise space such as: tables, display boards, pop up displays and bespoke small-large exhibition stands.

Display stands are the perfect human delivery media for direct sales messages:

• Ads are slightly bigger than “life size” (2m x 0.8m) for maximum human impact
• Ads are within eye line and unavoidably visible
• Ads run from floor to ceiling which means viewers can’t be help notice them
• Ads don’t require a power source which means they are permanently active and “free”
• Several display stands can run multiple and/or different promotions at one time
• Double sided system ads offer 360 degree visible advertisements

Where Are Display Stands Used?

Everyday hundreds of thousands of people attend exhibitions, conferences, seminars, training and trade show events in the UK. Exhibitors at these events require adequate signage to capture the attention of these visitors and persuade prospects to make an enquiry. The most common form of advertising stand utilised by exhibitors are either display stands.
The display stand acts as a lead generation tool for marketers dedicated towards reaching out to potential customers and suppliers.

There’s just about an industry event for every type of business sector. On the "professional circuit" these events run frequently all year and are held in most major cities around the world.

Display stands help promotion teams meet their sales targets.

The Top 3 2013/2014 Promotion Season Display Stands

We have carefully selected the best display systems currently available for the 2013/2014 promotion season.

These 3 unique systems have 2 very attractive media prices. The 3 best systems are:

1. Barracuda
2. Grasshopper
3. Mosquito